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Card Management

Card Management is a set of stored value solutions for members, which integrates storage, marketing and payment, developed by WeCar Technology for gas stations

Does your card system support the flexible business strategy of gas stations ?

The card system and membership marketing system cannot integrate with each other

Online recharge requires offline transfer, the physical card and cloud card data cannot be synchronized in real time, and the experience is extremely poor

Reports cannot be cross-analyzed, manual matching greatly increases the financial workload, and even data matching cannot be achieved

Relying on desktop computers to open cards, cashiers can only guide customers to store for opening cards, and cannot quickly penetrate into the target group  through mobile

Poor scalability, outdated system architecture, inability to connect with third-party services, and many security risks

​The most professional gas station stored value card system

Credit Card

Different from the mainstream stored-value card on the market, WeCar Card comprehensively links marketing modules such as coupon system, point system, membership level system, and identity system. Driven by a leading marketing engine, it breaks data islands and realizes cross-linkage of various marketing systems

Flexible Consumption Logic

Support various rule settings according to time, gas station, account type, consumption range, sub-master account, etc.

Various Recharge Rules

Supports fixed gifts, proportional gifts​, recharge coupons, birthday exclusive offers, status privilege offers, etc.

Comprehensive Management System

Supports card group setting, fleet card management, and rule priority setting, and realizes all-round management through the card making terminal, merchant terminal, and fleet terminal

Bank-level information security

Adopt national secret security system, based on the underlying architecture of microservices, bringing comprehensive improvements in scalability, stability and security

Part of function display

No physical card

Just show the QR code of the stored-value card, scan it at the gas station, and collect the money easily

No offline cash register

Whether the customer recharges offline or online, the card account information is synchronized in real time

Convenient card Mgmt

There is no need to operate a physical stored value card at the cashier, and use a mobile handheld smart terminal to easily open a card and payment

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