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Where we are now?

We are proud to have already established a stable business in China and now we are exploring the many possibilities that overseas business has to offer. Our mission is to bring the latest technology to businesses in the gas station industry, allowing them to expand their customer base and maximize their efficiency. 


Customer Data Platform

Our customer data platform is an innovative and comprehensive solution for businesses looking to maximize their customer experience. It is integrated with smart gas station technologies and offers unparalleled data analytics, a user-friendly interface, loyalty features, training tools, financial management tools, staff merit tracking, payment processing and real-time queuing time monitoring. With our platform, businesses can take their customer engagement to the next level.

Use Cases

Data Analytics

Data Management Platform with data analytics to enable operational improvement & smart marketing

Smart Marketing & Content Management

Enable smart precision marketing tolls by utilizing consumer portraits & data analytics

Smart Marketing
Non-Fuel AI Products

AI Non-Fuel Products 

Active non-fuel product and services recommendation push powered by AI engines


Achieving contactless payment with customized consumer greetings on site

Safety Management

Safety Management

Safety management and risk behavior detection by camera automatically integrated with AI

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