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Smart Membership & Marketing

​Your full member marketing assistant, providing you with digital and intelligent services

​What does membership & marketing system mean to Oil&Gas Companies?

How to do digital marketing?

1st Tip

Use the member portrait, member label and member grading functions provided by the digital member and marketing system of WeCar Technology to conduct differentiated marketing and precise marketing

1. Member Portrait

Through member basic information, consumption/recharge records, consumption behavior records, etc., supplemented by external big data and professional analysis models, accurately and quickly analyze member characteristics and establish member portraits;

2. Member Tag System

Abstract member attributes in a digital way, and build a big data pool, support the formulation of precise marketing strategies through nearly 100 user tags, and provide support for subsequent data mining and data analysis.

3. Member Growth System

Different discount strategies are given to different members through the membership level. The more you refuel, the greater the discount, which encourages members to consume and reduces the marketing cost. Different marketing strategies such as preferential strategies, and marketing rules can be associated with members level.


2nd Tip

Use the powerful marketing tools provided by the digital membership and marketing system of WeCar Technology to customize marketing activities suitable for the needs of Oil&Gas companies.


Take acquiring new users as an example, use a combination of tools such as automatic coupon issuance for new users, reward for new users, and friend invitations to formulate a complete set of activities.


3rd Tip

Use the intelligent recall tool or precise recall tool provided by the digital membership and marketing system of WeCar Technology to find lost users or users who are on the verge of losing


Manually select through user tags or automatically calculate users who are on the verge of loss through intelligent BI, and then issue coupons and recall them. At a very low cost, this part of users and sales that are likely to be lost are recovered.


4th Tip

Use the five loyalty points activities provided by the digital membership and marketing system of WeCar Technology to enhance user stickiness and increase user activity

Points for Fuel

Use points to offset the order amount when paying for fuel orders

Points for Non-Fuel

Use points to offset the order amount when paying for non-fuel orders

Points for gifts

Redeem points for gifts

Points Lottery

Use points to participate in the Lottery activities

Points Store

Increase non-fuel sales and customer unit price through points purchase or combination of points

Promotion ROI

​WeCar's digital membership and marketing system also provides powerful ROI tools for marketing activities to help Oil&Gas companies analyze the effects of marketing activities

How is the efficiency of the promotion ?

Through the statistics of marketing coupons, you can view the data of coupon marketing costs, output sales, and output liters, so as to understand the input and output of coupons in different marketing activities


Through the statistics of the activities, the number of participants, the number of recipients, the proportion of consumer users, the marketing cost of coupons, the usage rate of coupons and other data, Oil & Gas companies can make better marketing plans by comparing the ROI data of previous activities.

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