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Smart Operation System

Provide conprehensive management, accurate data, safe and controllable, and professional business operation management services with stable system

​Are you still anxious about the problems in gas station management?

Difficulties in inventory management

Unable to accurately know the inventory situation, often oversold or out of stock

Difficulties in customer relationship

Unable to record and manage customer information, understand customer consumption habits, and difficult to carry out effective customer relationship management

Inconvenience in procurement

Unable to know the supplier's price and goods situation in time, it is difficult to carry out effective purchase management

Difficulties in tracking sales figures

It is impossible to know the sales data of gas stations in real time, and it is difficult to carry out sales statistics and analysis

What is Smart OS

Types of Gasoline

Smart OS is a management system based on Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technologies that provides comprehensive information support for gas station sales management. It mainly covers purchase, sales, inventory and others, and realizes the overall management and control of non-fuel products, fuel products, sales and other aspects of the station.

Modules In Smart OS

Fuel Management

Support fuel tanks, fuel nozzles, fuel products, fuel product density, purchase orders, storage, allocation, wholesale, inventory, etc.

Non-fuel Management

Support warehouse, non-fuel product category, non-fuel product, disassembly package, purchase order, warehousing, transfer,, price adjustment, inventory query, etc.

Supplier Management

Support the maintenance of suppliers, carriers, transport vehicles, and fuel pick-up card numbers, etc.

Staff Management

Support refueling staff, permissions, review process, employee card management, etc.

Report Management

In order to help gas station managers better supervise the gas station business, improve work efficiency and accuracy, and then improve the operating efficiency of the gas station; provide report data such as shift reports and financial management

Value created by Smart OS

Standardized management 

Can help standardized  and refined management, and standardize various business processes of gas stations. Through standardized management, management efficiency and accuracy can be improved, and error rates and operating costs can be reduced.

Simplify the process

Help gas station managers simplify related business processes, reduce tedious manual operations, reduce error rates, and improve work efficiency and accuracy

Optimize inventory management

Through real-time monitoring of fuel/non-fuel inventory, analysis of sales data, automatic forecasting of inventory demand, reduce the excess inventory and stock-out

Data security

Realize the security management of data, such as database encryption, authority control, backup, etc., and at the same time realize the security management of sales cash, fuel cards and other financial affairs

Standardized authority

Perfect multi-level authority management system, which can assign data authority according to group/region/gas station and different roles

Support data analysis

Provide a variety of data reports and analysis tools to help managers understand sales, customer needs and other information, and improve the accuracy and reliability of decision-making

Digital Transformation

Through digital management, improve enterprise management level and competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development

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