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Smart Fuel Dispenser

Smart Fuel Dispenser jointly developed with BeiLin. Connected with the Retail Management System, CRM, Marketing System, and Intelligent Payment System to provide an integrated solution for the gas station, and improve the operating efficiency and the customer experience 

The most desirable appearance

Appearance customization for whatever you want

The most recognizable screen

The 32-inch large screen can synchronize the fuel nozzle and refueling status in real time, and the nozzle number corresponds to the color number on the screen.

The most comprehensive payment mechod

Integrated the cash register in the Fuel Dispenser, support all-channel payment methods, no pressure to refuel during peak hours

The most convenient method of invoice

no need to queue up, no manual work, self-service scanning code to issue electronic invoices, convenient and efficient.

The most interesting membership system

connected to the WeCar system, not only with the CRM system but also with the contact-less payment equipment, retail management system and other software and hardware.

The most efficient communication

Real-time voice intercom, which supports the voice intercom on the fuel dispenser and the control room, which is convenient for the contact between the cash register and the refueling staff.

The most intelligent sensor

power-saving sensor design, when someone approaches the screen, it will switch to the highlight mode, and the screen will enter the screen saver mode after the person leaves.

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