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OKET is a technology group, Headquarter in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in China. With more than 20 years of innovation and development, OKET has become a leading Group of Intelligent solutions for Oil&Gas downstream from depot, transportation to retail station. OKET pursues to be the industry leading, trusted and respected. OKET's mission is to empower industries with technology and drive technology with deep insights.

Automatic Tank Gauge Solution for Fuel Stations

OKet® Automatic Tank Gauge can help you to solve the problems both in inventory management and environmental considerations. More than 100,000 tanks proven, OKet® ATG will provide all sides protection for your business.


Head Office Management Platform

1. Station group management
2. Real time data check
3. Remote parameters setup
4. Remote price change
5. Data report and analysis report
6. Account management
7. APP available


Tanker Truck Smart-monitoring System

1.The tanker truck smart-monitoring system integrates:
●Automatic gauge for fuel product storage tank to realize real-time monitoring of each fuel Cargo Compartment
●Tanker truck E-sealing system
●Automatic gauge for Running Tank to realize vehicle fuel consumption management(Optional)
●Fuel dispenser(Optional, only for bowser)
●GPS Tracking and Mobile Technologies (4G) for data transfer
●Cloud Based Software Platform for remote management, analysis, warning, and reporting

2.Tanker truck E-sealing system

●Electronical sealing system is an alternative to the traditional physical seals.
●Can continuously monitor each valve port and manhole of the tanker truck, record data.
●Can realize the real time monitoring and management to the tanker truck combined with real satellite positioning system (GPS) and wireless data networking system (GPRS/3G/4G). 

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